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How To Avoid Being Killed In A Warzone

-The essential survival guide for dangerous places.

Everyone needs this book if they want to know how to get out of difficult situations whether at home or abroad. Written by Rosie Garthwaite, whose career as a journalist started in war-torn Basra, this book combines practical advice with contributions from many journalists and commentators including Rageh Omar and John Simpson, who share their own experience and advice on surviving in difficult and dangerous situations. Topics include how to avoid being misunderstood; how to avoid bombs and booby traps; how to escape from a riot; how to deal with frostbite and heat exhaustion; how to avoid trouble in sex, love and war; and how cope if you have had a traumatic experience. The author conveys this wealth of practical, sensible advice in a very direct and personal way. In addition, readers hear the voices of many well-known journalists who share their experiences and advice in a very direct and personal way. This book is an enjoyable read as well as a true survival manual which can be enjoyed by both men and women (usually ignored by the \'boys\' own\' market) and by all ages especially travellers venturing away from home or to extreme destinations for the first time. Medical information has been vetted by Medecins Sans Frontieres, one of the world\'s leading medical charities which specializes in warzones and other trouble spots.


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Författare: Rosie Garthwaite
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